Pastor John Collins, influential pastor for 2016 and 2017.

Pastor John Collins, an evangelist and pastor leading the ministries of Love That Cross and John Collins Ministries, has been selected as an influential pastor living in the United States for two years in a row.  In an article written by Loretta Gardner of Inspirational Faith Magazine, Pastor John Collins is recognized for his unique style of preaching and evangelism that is similar to that of Billy Graham.

Pastor John Collins promotes revival.

Across the United States, Pastor John Collins spreads the gospel and promotes revival of faith, revival of churches and calls on pastors and ministers to preach the truth to congregations instead of preaching and teaching what the public wants to hear. Pastor John Collins preaches what needs to be taught: salvation and redemption through faith and true repentance.

Pastor John Collins redeems the Gospel.

In so many ways, the Gospel has been twisted to suit the needs of those who preach and teach the Holy Bible.  Words are changed, meanings are changed, and the message is twisted from the original intention of the writer.  Pastor John Collins preaches the truth.  He does not candy coat the message that is written in the pages of the Holy Bible, he preaches what we need to hear, so that we can find salvation in the words of God and Jesus Christ.

Pastor John Collins challenges the United States to turn back to God.

Time after time in Pastor John Collins’ messages in revivals, sermons, and radio messages, he emphasizes that the United States has kicked God out of our schools, out of our government, out of our homes, and even out of our churches.  Church has become a theater or a place where someone goes to be seen, rather than a place to go and hear the word of God, worship God, and learn of redemption for ourselves for the life that comes after the one we have here on Earth.  The United States has turned from God who helped this country become the land of milk and honey for the Gentiles and turned it into a land of “greed and money.”  God does not stand with us because we turn our backs to Him.  Pastor Collins reminds us that in order for this country to become strong again, we need a revival of faith and obedience to God in order for Him to fix what is wrong.  We lack the faith and belief in God that God desires of each and every one of us.

Kudos to Pastor John Collins and the others who were chosen for the second year as influential pastors, ministers, and ministries in the United States.  Congratulations to those who are recognized for the first time.  We should listen to the words of Pastor John Collins and turn back to God.